5 min to pitch, 5 min for Q&A and the public in the judges seats!

A great idea! How hard can it be?

CO.STATION BXL hosted the 8th edition of PitchInBrussels organized by PitchInBrussels and supported by Startup Factory.

And YouthProAktiv was there to keep you informed!

This event is organised every two-three months and gives three people the chance to pitch their ideas or project in front of an audience. After their 5 minutes of glory comes another 5 minutes in which the public asks all sorts of questions related to these ideas and in the end gives their vote for their preferred participant. The person with the most votes wins the chance to work with Startup Factory and further develop his or her project.

Lots of fun, lots of action and lots of great ideas!

Entrepreneurs, if you live in and around Brussels, this is your chance to meet people and get some attention towards your business. Take advantage of the situation and despite the high competition, you have the opportunity of using the best feature of Brussels, that is, its hub-like multiculturalism. You can find all kinds of events around the topic of entrepreneurship, startups, SMEs; and while you are researching and visiting these spots you can meet many different people who can help you with your projects or simply give you inspiration.

It is not always easy to be an entrepreneur, but it is worthy! Do not be afraid! There can always be a second chance!

Join us from 28th September to the 2nd October in Brussels at the International Proaktivity Summit 2016 and let’s speak about failure and the “second chance” as key elements of success!