Reflections of YouthProAktiv participation on the 5th OECD informal working group on skills & education There is an always on-going discourse on the kind of future world we want and the need for a new empowered generation to build it up. Public opinio... read more

Too often, events on the theme of policy are vague and avoid getting into details. The « Practice into Policy : Entrepreneurial Learning » event, organized by Bantani Education, was everything but that. The 5 hours event was dynamic, filled with conc... read more

International ProAktivity Summit 2016 The YouthProAktiv International Proaktivity Summit was held from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October 2016, gathering together more than 80 young European students and entrepreneurs with professionals, EU offic... read more

We love Mondays and especially after coming back from the ASEF Young Leaders Summit! YouthProAktiv have its own batteries charged and we want to also charge yours! How?? By inspiring! Because every great experience must be shared and re-shared! The Asia-... read more