While currently ICT jobs represents the 3.7% of total employment, 37% or 93 million workers in the labor force do not have basic digital skills. Digitization is transforming the economy and despite high rates on unemployment there are currently 300,000 va... read more

After months of collaborative work and negotiations, YouthProAktiv has approved the European Youth Declaration on Social Entrepreneurship as part of our advocacy work. Congratulation to all those young leaders that worked hard for the betterment of our so... read more

Entrepreneurial activity appears to be recovering from the crisis as new data show that the number of new businesses created has been rising in most OECD countries. At the same time, the number of bankruptcies has fallen back to pre-crisis levels in most ... read more

Imagine a place where all the most devoted change-makers worldwide meet the most-devoted philanthropists and world leaders over a cup of coffee. Imagine a direct chat with Obama reflecting on leadership and a talk with Justin Trudeau on the power of women... read more

Not every day you participate in a private dinner on the personal residence of James Costos, Ambassador of EEUU to Spain and Andorra under Obama’s Administration. Not everyday you meet some of the most incredible talents of the Spanish landscape. But th... read more

Too often, events on the theme of policy are vague and avoid getting into details. The « Practice into Policy : Entrepreneurial Learning » event, organized by Bantani Education, was everything but that. The 5 hours event was dynamic, filled with conc... read more