Start date: 14 of July

End date: 17 of July

Location: Brussels, Belgium


Gathering young entrepreneurs, young professionals and proactive university students, the International ProAktivity Summit is the annual conference of YouthProaktiv on youth unemployment, youth entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovation and new trends in business. The aim of the International ProAktivity Summit is to open a/the dialogue between youth and decision-makers on youth entrepreneurship and education.

In addition, we want to discuss opportunities and limitations for young entrepreneurs in Europe and recent developpements. We want to evaluate the most important policy reforms necessary to foster youth entrepreneurship and to decrease youth unemployment in general.

Finally, we want to bring together all the organizations, decision-makers and young people involved in fostering innovation  and discuss new emerging sectors of economy. We believe that a discussion at institutional level would be better targeted with the involvement of the same young people who bring their own specific visions and needs.

Using the United Nations Model, participants willwork  in groups and draft  a  Declaration of Young Europeans on Youth Unemployment. This declaration  will afterwards be presented to the European Parliament and to the European Commission.

Don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge, to make your voice be heard and to network with like-minded people from all around Europe!


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