held a very interesting webinar las Monday 12th of June on the importance of « Investing in teachers to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in schools » and our Advocacy Fellow, Gregory Ghoul,  attended the event with great interest.

Fostering entrepreneurial spirit is one of our main mission, so we were really pleased to listen to the three presentations made by the participants.

For those of you readers who have followed the different events of the EE-HUB, you know that one of their main strength is to provide concrete and detailed examples of Good practices, not just theory on what should or shouldn’t be done.

It was again what they offered through the webinar , with the 2 ongoing projects presented. The participant was Tomislava Recheva, from European Schoolnet, who exposed the MOOC they have created to support the teachers in theaching entrepreneurship in their own school. The MOOC, which was offered on the I-LINC platform (you should check out the platform if you don’t know it, it’s a great tool to be aware of!), is divided in three areas and 15 competencies.

The second presentation was given by Camilla Rye Jørgensen and Iben Rausgaard, from the Lyngby Gymnasium – a very innovative school of about 300 students who learn in a non-formal environment. The incredible success of this school can be measure by the fact that it started from scratch in 2013 to win the TES Award in 2016! The learning is inspired by the now very famous Design thinking approach, developted at Standford University, and is structured in such a way that teachers have followed extra formation to help them understand that they don’t have to have all the answers to all the questions. In fact, the students might have to find the answers themselves. It’s all part of the learning process.

The last participant gave a very complementary insight on the subject. Indeed, Ms. Ruth Schless, from Siemens, talked about the importance for the private sector to partner with such initiatives. Ms. Schless added that the students could benefit a lot from informal learning. It’s one of the reasons why Siemens is a proud partner of the TES Award.

We are always amazed to attend these webinars organised by the EE-HUB, because they really are effective good practice sharing sessions. We gladly invite you to also follow them on . There are more to come in the context of their #SwitchonEurope campaign!


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