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Daniel Wisniewski (Poland, 1986)  is an expert in international relations, EU policy-making and economics. He is a doctoral candidate at Cergy-Pontoise University in Paris and Warsaw School of Economics in the field of economics. President of YouthProAktiv, Daniel is passionate about building bridges between people from different countries and cultures. He travelled the world in order to broaden his perspective on various matters related to politics, economics and philosophy. He interned at the European Parliament, Permanent Representation of Poland to the European Union in Brussels and the United States Congress. He is a speaker on entrepreneurship, history, politics and astronomy.

@dwisniewski7 dwisniewski@youthproaktiv.org


Paloma Cantero Gómez (Spain, 1989)-CEO of YouthProAktiv she  is an expert of international relations, holding a double bachelor degree in law and journalist by the University of Madrid Rey Juan Carlos and Sciences-Po (Paris). Her professional career started with the Spanish law firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo focused on political campaigns and the financial sector. She has been working in Brussels attracted by the spectrum of the International Institutions, politics and multiculturalism. Passionate about leadership and entrepreneurship she has launched several projects related to education, youth, social movements, human rights and fashion. She is a speaker on Personal Development and Mentality Change.

@PalomaCanteroGm  pcantero@youthproaktiv.org


Nasia Panoutsou (Greece, 1986) – started as a teacher in Greece and after her master studies in Education in Brussels worked on Capacity Building research projects overseas and in Europe. Until today, she has worked with NGO s and youth organizations for projects which advocate for alternative educational environments and constructive learning. As an educationalist she believes that investing in creating learning societies rather than literate societies is the only way to answer in today’s challenges.


Carlota Corzo (Spain, 1993)– is graduated in Fine Arts degree, with an special focus in sociology. She has presented several arts exhibitions in Guatemala, Greece and in Spain being one of the youngest artists that had ever exhibit at the Fine Arts Circle, Madrid. Ambassador of the Master For Impact Through Innovation, she has collaborated during her universitary years with  several NGOs such us Lions Club International, Missionaires of Charity and Verbum Dei, etc. She has being also an speaker at TEDx talks, Impact talks, Reorienta tu vida and EUDE Business School.


Viktória Vígh (Hungary, 1989) is the Chapter Leader of the Hungarian Chapter. Holding a bachelor degree in sports and recreation and a master’s degree in communication and media sciences she is now busy with the ongoing projects of their youth association. Her professional career started as a journalist, although her interests drove her towards contemporary social problems, non-formal learning methods and yoga.Passionate about the power of education using a holistic approach, youth and multiculturalism she is keen on improving her skills and engagement on the field of youth empowerment.


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David Andrade (Ecuador, 1989)  is the Chapter leader of YouthProAktiv Austria. Husband, father, social + credit advocate, he is passionate about Media & Communication . David is a Journalism wizard, a Television 
Broadcast adept and a Contemporary Arts cognoscente. After a decade of volunteering in charitable organizations and travelling the world, David is applying  his interdisciplinary acumen to leading an organisation he is passionate about.