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YouthProAktiv as Youth Response to Youth Unemployment 

YouthProAktiv has been founded by a group of young people lead by Daniel Wisniewski as their response to economic crisis and the rise of youth unemployment worldwide. In this difficult time a group of young Europeans decided to embark on a campaign to change the mentality of young people from reactive to proactive and to empower them to become job creators instead of job seekers. The founders of YouthProAktiv believe that the source of youth unemployment cannot be found exclusively in poor economic conditions or lack of necessary opportunities, but rather in a broader combination of several factors. 

Educational System 

The most important factor was a lack of necessary training in order to make these people employable. Standar educational facilities, including schools or universities were focused on training standarized employees for the market. However, due to economic crisis, young people realized that standardized education do not allow them to become employed. Recent standardized educational systems provide education only in a narrow scope of topics which in most of the cases are not required on the labor market. Simultaneously, they do not encourage young people to look inside themselves in order to discover their skills and talents, but rather promote subordination and reactivity. This kind of system kills not only a proactive approach but also the tendency of the youth for innovation and search for new solutions.   

Lack of Proactivity proactivity

Poor educational systems n most of the countries result in the lack of proactive individuals willing to discover, unleash and invest their talents for themselves and others. As a result, during economic crisis, vast numbers of young people remain unemployed due to lack of necessary skills as well as courage and determination to create a job for themselves.

No Entrepreneurs 

The current educational systems do not present entrepreneurship as an interesting career choice. In consequnce usually those students who are not doing well at school become entrepreneurs. These people are not lacking skills or talents, but the school is not able to discover them. Schoold and universities must invest more in entrepreneurship education in order to create a new generation of job-creators