National Parliaments

YouthProAktiv is present at the National Parliaments in oder to promote proactivity at and entrepreneurship at the regional level. Our main aims at the European level include:

Fighting Overregulation

We promote the idea of economy that would allow proactive individuals to create jobs for themselves and others. We fight against unnecessary regulations which increase the costs for entrepreneurs to employ new people. We promote a vision of a balanced economy which includes regulations on issues which are absolutely necessary, and leave legal and economic space for entrepreneurs to operate.

Promoting Liberalization of the common market

We believe that less barriers to trade can increase the welfare of nations. In Europe a lot of these aims have already been achieved through the establishment of the common market with the freedom of movement of people, capital, services and stock. Nonetheless, in reality there is a lot of things to be improved especially in the field of services.

Lower Taxes

YouthProAktiv is supporting all solutions which reduce unnecessary taxation for entrepreneurs. We believe that less taxes for pro-active people means more jobs for everybody

Promoting a Preson-Centered Educational System

YouthProAktiv advicates for a person-centered approach to education. We believe that education should be a platform for young people allowing them to discover their talents and skills. We aim to introduce obligatory personality tests for young people in order to encourage them to invest some time in personal development. This approach will enhance their career choices and allow them to unfold their enormous potential hidden in each person.