is a youth coalition promoting proactivity and entrepreneurship in education and culture. YouthProAktiv was born as an answer from young people to the economic crisis and the globally high youth unemployment rates. We consider that the source of these problems is not only to be found in the economic conditions or the lack of opportunities. We understand it is rooted much deeper: in an educational system based on reactivity and a culture that doesn’t promote entrepreneurship as a valid career option. We stand that for the improvement of our present and future we need to change our teaching methods, the mentality with which our society faces labour market and the legislation that hinders entrepreneurship.

At educational level, YouthProAktiv expects to provide youth with the abilities and knowledge that will prepare them to truly contribute to the betterment of society by creating jobs for themselves and for others.

We consider that the actual educational system doesn’t meet the needs of the 21st Century labour market. We work to promote a reform that will individualize and personalize the system, and will open a space in which youth will be able to discover and appreciate their own talents, boost their potential, and develop the abilities that will allow an efficient and sustainable transition from school to work. We believe this reform will contribute to change the reactive mindset to a proactive mentality that will create the right environment to encourage new generations of socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.

We also advocate for entrepreneur-friendly policies at both national and international level. We work with political leaders to achieve a legislation that will allow young people to start their own business and a reform of the educational system that will ensure a decent employment for all as well as a socially responsible development.

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