start-up academy curriculum


The Start-Up Academy Curriculum is an educational program aiming at arming  young people from with all the element they need to start-up!



The Start-Up Academy Curriculim is a program developed through a 30% of theoretical content and a 70% of practical activities oriented to a real  acquisition of the different entrepreneurial skills. YouthProAktiv Start-up Academy  program is developed in collaboration with Mats Tunehag, Author of Business as a Mission; Sir Ken Robinson, Prof. At Warwick University; Andreas Widmer, Prof. of Entrepreneurship and Steven Covey, Expert of ProAktivity.



Chapter 1: Shaping an idea – Creating a business plan

Create a vision of your business

How does the business plan usually look like?

What does the business plan include?

Why your product is better than others?

How to find the group of clients? To whom is your product addressed to?

Chapter 2: Strategic Planning

What are the components of the Strategic Plan?

How to turn the business idea into a Strategic plan?

What are the objectives ad benchmark to be ontained in you plan?

Chapter 3: Budget for the project

How to build a comprehensive budget?

What needs to be ncluded in the budget?

Chapter 4: Finding the team for the project – team management

What kind of people you need ?

Introduction to different personalitis? What people do you need?

How do you lead a team with different personalities (on a basis of DISC test)

Basic Tips for team management

Chapter 5 : Meeting with an entrepreneur – Testimony about starting a business on google hangout

How to start a business?

What are the main challeges?

where to look for funding?

what does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Chapter 6: Introduction to Project management

What is the difference between strategic plan and project management?

What are the components of the project plan?

What is the the description of th project?

What is the the implementation plan and timeline for the project?

How to assure dissemination of the results f the project?

What are useful software for project management?

Chapter 6: Fundraising for your start-up

Where to look for for initial funding for your project?

What are cost-free projects?

How to minimalize the costs of production?

Where to look for help (acceleration programs, EU grants, national programs for young enterpreneurs, etc)

How to build a low-cost start-up?

What is the positive side of not having funding at the beginning?

Chapter 7: Constant process of re-doing

Starting a business as a process of constant redoing

Major tips about re-thinking your business


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