YouthProAktiv  National Chapter Leader Student Internship based in Brussels (Belgium)

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YouthProAktiv is an organization that aims to create a generation of proactive individuals ready to invest their talents for the betterment of society by starting their own business and creating jobs for themselves and for others.

We train young people to become leaders of tomorrow capable of creating jobs for themselves and others.

We advocate for entrepreneurship-friendly policies at national and international level to achieve a decent employment for all and a resource-free sustainable development.

Our work is structured across two basic pillars:

At educational level, we work to promote a reform that will individualize and personalize the system, and will create actual room for young people to discover and appreciate their own talents, boost their potential, and develop the abilities that will allow an efficient and sustainable transition from the academic to the professional life. We believe this reform will contribute to altering the existing reactive mindset and establish a proactive one, favorable to the creation of an enabling environment, which will help develop new generations of socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.

We also advocate for entrepreneur-friendly policies at both national and international level. We work with political leaders to create legislation that will allow young people to start their own business and a reform of the educational system, as both are essential for ensuring a socially responsible development and a decent employment for all.

YouthProAktiv is a non-governmental and non-profit international organization. Our headquarters are based in Brussels. YouthProAktiv is spread around Europe through a network of national organizations working on the ground with and for young people.

Student’s Internship Description

We are looking for new Chapter Leaders that will be willing to develop YouthProAktiv’s structure in their national European countries. This position would allow you to become one of the founders of a national organization inside a bigger international coalition. It would also allow you to work in a flexible way inside an international environment and fully develop the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur/professional. Most important, it will allow you to become active and founding part of a global organization of change-makers moved by the will of improving next generations through a positive mentality change.

Length: The Internship will last for a period of 6 months renewable with 20 days of trial period.

Starting date: 15th September 2015

Ending date: 15th March 2016

Location: Brussels


The Chapter Leader’s main responsibilities will include:

  • Creating the legal and administrative structure of an independent brand of YouthProAktiv in the national ground.
  • Creating and leading the staff of volunteers working on YouthProAktiv Programs on the national ground.
  • Developing and implementing different YouthProAktiv educational programs on the ground.
  • Designing, developing and implementing the strategy for national institutional relations.
  • Designing, developing and implementing the strategy for internal and external communication.
  • Designing, developing and implementing an ambitious funding strategy.
  • Undertaking research on the field of proactivity and entrepreneurship.



  • Highly proactive life & work approach and strong leadership skills.
  • Can work with minimal guidance and supervision.
  • Adds value to team-based activities in his/her Chapter: collaborates with other Chapters around Europe.
  • Acts as a model or mentor for less experienced colleagues;
  • Persistent and able to be successful in a challenging and ambiguous business environment;
  • Ability to drive transparency and simplicity in complex administrative and business process;
  • Clear inter-personal communication;
  • Strong negotiation and influencing skills;
  • Strong personality yet empathic, humble and helpful;
  • Hands-on and analytical, organized and accurate;
  • Excellent English language skills (reading, writing and speaking) and at least one other European language.
  • Be based in Brussels during the Internship period.
  • University student status is a must.



  • Working experience in Brussels.
  • Access to the European Networks both political and business-oriented.
  • Flexibility of working hours to be combined with University schedule and exams.
  • Possibility of being a Founder Partner of a National Organization.
  • A young & dynamic international environment;
  • A role in which the candidate will be offered multiple opportunities for development & learning;
  • Possibility of travelling around Europe.
  • Possibility of a long-term successful career inside the organization.

The final selection for the National Chapter Leaders Internship based in Brussels will take place on the 8th of September. To apply:

Please, send a CV and letter of motivation to by August 31st by noon, mentioning National Chapter Leader Student Internship in the subject line. Shortlisted candidates will have an interview the 8th of September.

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