Daniel Wisniewski (Poland, 1986) is an expert in international relations, EU policy-making and economics. He is a doctoral candidate at Cergy-Pontoise University in Paris and Warsaw School of Economics in the field of economics. President of YouthProAktiv, Daniel is passionate about building bridges between people from different countries and cultures. He travelled the world in order to broaden his perspective on various matters related to politics, economics and philosophy. He interned at the European Parliament, Permanent Representation of Poland to the European Union in Brussels and the United States Congress. He is a speaker on entrepreneurship, history, politics and astronomy.



Paloma Cantero Gómez (Spain, 1989), CEO of YouthProAktiv. She is an expert in international relations, holding a double bachelor degree in law and journalism by the University of Madrid Rey Juan Carlos and Sciences-Po (Paris). Her professional career started with the Spanish law firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo focused on political campaigns and the financial sector. She has been working in Brussels attracted by the spectrum of international institutions, politics and multiculturalism. Passionate about leadership and entrepreneurship, she has launched several projects related to education, youth, social movements, human rights and fashion. She is a speaker on Personal Development and Mentality Change.



Teresa Pallarés Ramos. Originally from Spain, started her career in Brussels as a Blue Book Traineeship at the Directorate General of Home Affairs and Migration, and Caritas Europa. A fellow at the European Leadership Programme, she is a historian by training, with postgraduate degrees in International Relations, International Migration, and Education. In addition to holding various research positions in diverse academic institutions, she has extensive professional experience in the third sector, working in several countries with different peoples and organizations which shared a common denominator: social justice and the transformative power of education




Marina Angerri has a foundation in Global Studies and is currently studying law. She holds a fervent passion for areas like education, human rights, international relations, global development, and gender equality. Beyond her academic pursuits, Marina has a deep-seated appreciation for the arts, valuing the influence of music, dance, and literature. Her overarching aim is to drive positive change in society, using sustainable and inclusive methodologies, and emphasizing reaching the most underserved communities.



Maria Pellisser is a final year student of Audiovisual Communication with a great passion for the transmission of inspiring projects. Her nomadic life led her, after living in Madrid and Lisbon for three years, to try her luck in the capital of Brussels. She relies on YouthProAktiv to expand her professional experience, which started in the sales sector, and now intends to develop in corporate communication. But her proactivity does not end at the professional level, as her personal hobbies include writing, team sports, as well as community service and caring for the elderly.








Zayneb Dahhaoui El Barni holds a degree in English Studies, and she is currently completing a master’s degree in advanced international and European Studies at the University of Granada. She is deeply passionate about international diplomacy and European politics. Her professional career started as a language teacher in a language school, and afterwards she worked as a European project manager in AIFED. She is committed to gender equality and human rights, values that have been a constant guide in her personal and professional life. Her quest to understand and analyze European and international policies has significantly marked both her academic and professional career.