Closure of “Transforming COVID into an opportunity: new inclusive digital jobs and training for young people”

Last week, YouthProAktiv organized the conference “JOVID: Boosting Self-employability of young people in the digital sector”. This was the final multiplayer event taking place as part of the project “Transforming COVID-19 into an opportunity: new inclusive digital jobs and training for young people in the creative sector”, co-founded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

The main aims of this project were to:

  • Enhance digital skills development and competencies of young people, reinforcing creativity and creative solutions to unemployment rates provoked by COVID-19.
  • And enable collaborations between the youth sector and the business sector for inclusive digital culture and creative job creation.

To achieve these objectives, the Consortium developed throughout the project:

  • A 13-video tutorial on how to create and develop professional audiovisual content from a smartphone. Here you have the link to access the YouTube channel with the videos:
  • A mobile app: JOVID, with the aim to provide an innovative platform where potential employers of digital services and young job seekers can meet and work together. Check out more info on our website:
  • A policy briefing that you can also find on our website /, with the aim to additionally support European policy-making in the definition of general frameworks of action that could guide Member States into the employability optimization of their national workforce.

The conference took place starting with the presentation of the project, followed by the speakers Noelia Sanchez, Project Manager at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belux, and Daniel Wisniewski, Secretary General at the European Federation of Employers of Education. 

Noelia Sanchez shared with the attendants the different tools available to boost their self-employability, focusing on the opportunities given by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce such as Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, WLead, DG VET, Soft Improve, and StartCraft, among others.

Afterward, Daniel Wisniewski explained his experience using the JOVID app, the facilities given by this tool, and how the app and the quality of job providers smoothed his work as an entrepreneur.

During the last activity, the participants had an interactive experience regarding the mobile app JOVID, which they were able to download and use for free. Job seekers and job providers were divided into two different focus groups, allowing the two audience profiles time to discuss their experiences and share their feedback on the app. 

We closed the event with a networking coffee that allowed direct contact between job seekers and job providers.

As part of the closure, the job seekers were proposed to participate in a competition sharing on social media a short video about their experience using the app. The winner will have the opportunity to join the team of YouthProAktiv during the European Youth Event, organized by the European Parliament, that will take place in June in Strasbourg. In short, it truly was an enriching afternoon with lots of positive insights!

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