“Digital skill-up! From 0 to 10 in a nutshell”

From the 24th to the 30th of October, YouthProAktiv,  organised in Madrid the training “Digital skill-up! From 0 to 10 in a nutshell”. 

This training was one of the main milestones of our international cooperation project co-funded by the Erasmus+ project «Transforming COVID-19 into an opportunity: new inclusive digital jobs & training for young people in the CCS » in partnership with 02:59 films, ImagineApps, European Integration Group, EKO, Active Youth Association and Creative+.  In a context of youth employment instability related to the negative effects of the COVID19 crises, the project is recognising creativity and culture creation as a natural strong point of younger generations and ensuring efforts to create better inclusive training according to the new skill needed to be fostered by COVID19 as well as better employment and self-employment opportunities that will allow youngsters to get economically active even in a lockdown situation. This way, the project will,

1. Foster new employment opportunities through the development of an APP that will bring together young job seekers &digital job providers.
2. Prepare youngsters to self-start their own digital ventures.
3. Help policy-makers to set up new initiatives aiming at reactivating economy.
As part of its educational purpose, throughout the 6 days of  the training “Digital skill-up! From 0 to 10 in a nutshell”, 43 youngsters  from 6 different countries: Lithuania, Belgium, Rumania, Greece, Spain and Turkey, had the opportunity to  practically develop their creative and digital skills to master the science of shooting, editing, producing, branding and selling their audiovisual works.

Concretely, the executive producer of 02:59 films, Tono Escudero, lead all practical sessions oriented to learn about, shooting and editing tools management and editing techniques, common editing software for mobile phones, tablets and PC devices, successful tecniques to make online content attractive, adding graphics and titles & exporting options, available banks and libraries of music and images for our audiovisual productions or intellectual property rules. 

To greater explore self-employment opportunities and procedures, participants got a first hand contact with Soraya Bravo, Project Manager of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belux, who focused on different available programmes  to promote self-employability, as well as with Alejandro Gil, founder and visual translator of Alelistens, who shared his personal experience of what it was like for him to become an entrepreneur, the different stages he went through and how he finally managed to establish himself in the market. The programmed visit to the Madrid Impact Hub also allowed participants to further discover the digital entrepreneurial ecosystem and several digital project ideas from participants were presented and developed throughout different working sessions.

In  addition and ensuring their full engagement within the project, participants contribute to the creation of the social media campaign that will be implemented to ensure the successful dissemination of project results,  as well as to identify their national-based main barriers to self-employment & its potential solutions. Further possibilities and use implications of the JOVID19 App to be developed were also discussed and shared with them.

With this successful milestone already completed, participants will be now further developing their business project ideas guided and coached by national experts, and the Consortium partners keep moving towards the successful development of the Jovid19 mobile APP & the international policy recommendations to boost self-employability and economic growth within the cultural & creative sector.

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