From Rome to Taormina: the youth voice at the #G7

Ms. Paloma Cantero, CEO of YouthProAktiv took part at the latest Youth G7 Summit held in Rome from the 7th to the 9th of May as Head of the European Delegation. The YG7 is one of the four official engaging groups of the G7 where delegations from the countries of the G7 represent the interest of the youth. « Rethinking Innovation as catalyst for an inclusive, open and sustainable growth » was the theme of discussion.

Ms. Paloma Cantero, actively engaged discussions on the three suggested committees of work: Production Innovation, Knowledge-Based Capital and Enabling Infrastructures, Future of Work and of Welfare Systems. She was responsible for representing the interests of the European youth in the committee of Knowledge-Based Capital and Enabling Infrastructures. This committee was especially reflecting on the set of skills people need to learn in schools and how do these have to evolve for effectively empowering citizens in the future.

During the negotiations of the final communiqué that it is going to be presented to the G7 political leaders this weekend in Taormina, Ms. Cantero emphasized the importance of fostering the entrepreneurship spirit among formal and non-informal education as well as to introduce a second-chance allowance that will ensure a much more flexible and easy-going entrepreneurial ecosystem. As Ms. Cantero noted, « Stakeholders at all levels need to work closer together in order to provide youngsters with the right tools to succeed in an innovating, inclusive and more sustainable economy. As we discussed during the YG7, the future of work requires policymakers to Empower the youth so they can thrive in the new digital economy.»

The importance of enhancing STEM, soft and transversal skills and competences as well as a much more personalized and practical educational system were also very important points on the agenda.

« We cannot approach education, entrepreneurship and growth, as they were a few years ago », added Ms. Cantero. « For the youth, sustainable growth is about digitalizing the economy, through Startups, lifelong learning, with the help of private and public partners, and tackling inequalities by ensuring equal acces to employment and reforming a taxions systems that is currently slowing down entrepreneurs instead of encouraging them. These are the concrete proposals that are relevant for the youth and that we are sharing in this years YG7 », concluded Ms Cantero.

More informations on the Youth G7 Summit, the proposals of other committees as well as the final Communiqué can be found on the official YG7 2017 website.