“In the cave we fear to enter lies the treasure we seek” & the lessons learnt by Kevin trough Lemon’s Life

Kevin Somany is the Co-Founder of Lemon’s Life- the International Community. Being 25 it’s been not for him a time limit to get enough experience as to be able to share some great food for thought.

“By coming to this YouthProAktiv International ProAktivity Summit you have already taken your first step” – he called the audience “Because on Campbell’s words, in the cave we fear to enter lies the treasure we seek”.

During our panel on How to Start-Up, he granted the Auditorium with 3 fully-experienced entrepreneurial and life lessons. Here we go!

  1. Share your passion with the right people
  1. Do not be afraid of choosing failure as strategy

“Failure is an integral part of the road. Start-ups go from failure to failure. The only way to find the right path is to do a lot of experiments and to take a lot of wrong turns”

  1. You should always take action

“Because facts live always out if your head. It is easy to make a business plan but this is just a guess. Try it out!”

Follow his full speech here  and get inspired