It is worthy!

Mowing the grass, finding a baby-sitter, doing the grocery shopping or assembling IKEA furniture… Do you always have the time, the willingness or the skills to do your daily tasks? Or maybe you would prefer to find a trustworthy private individual close to your place who is ready to do it for you for the price you set?

The solution is called ListMinut. ListMinut is an Internet platform which allows its users to connect with reliable private individuals close from their place in order to get things done. All the user has to do is to describe what he needs to be done and to set up the price he is willing to pay for it. Then, he will choose the right person among the ones who are interested, based on their profiles, evaluations and locations.

Useful & interesting, right? You would like it even know when you get to know Jonathan Schockaert, its Co-Founder & CEO!

Key speaker during the YouthProAktiv International ProAktivity Summit, Jonathan came from a Belgium family of entrepreneurs! Growing up in such environment he was able to share with us great and realistic points to always remember when embracing the entrepreneurial path!

“Entrepreneurship is like a roller-coaster. If you wish to get really high you also have to sometimes get low. But it is worthy”

‘Don not be afraid of sharing your ideas. You can have a lot of them but at the end all is about the execution and the team behind it”

‘Start young!’

Thirsty for more? Watch his full talk here and get inspired!