Proactive approach to Climate Change is needed!

On February 7th, YouthProAktiv participated in the webinar held by Ms. Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The webinar was organised by SDSN Youth  and SDG Academy with the aim to involve young people in the climate action movement.

Ms Patricia Espinosa connected to the webinar live from Bonn, Germany and explained the importance of climate for our lives, future, sustainable development and human development.

After a warm greeting, she mentioned that, “Today we stand at a crossroads. It is a big moment for the planet, for humanity, and especially for every young person who wants a better future for themselves and their families. The path we decide to take in this moment will shape the future of human development.”

She emphasised how  last  year was full of climate disasters.  2017 was also be recalled as the second hottest year on record: extreme cold in the USA and extreme hot in Australia showed that our world is changing. She stressed how the “youth needs to take a part in political actions by supporting and standing politicians who deal with climate change issues and actively share their opinions/ideas with their peers, family members and friends. Also, they should feel confident in finding solutions for climate change, using public transport, cycling and being aware while shopping those materials that pollute the air and can’t be recycled”.

She informed the audience how the Paris agreement  will be finalised in 2018. Shortly, she invited every citizen to take an action on climate change for a better society, community and future to come.