The movie “Abuelos” (2019) is in theaters in Spain!

On October 11, the movie “Abuelos” premiered, promoting senior entrepreneurship in an attempt to stimulate entrepreneurial vocations and recognize the effort and determination of all entrepreneurs of our country. YouthProAktiv, as an organization that stands for a culture of pro-activity and entrepreneurship, promotes Abuelos with aim to inspire and support such activities.  This comedy reflects the difficulties of the entrepreneurial process and realities of collaborative or coworking spaces. YouthProAktiv strongly recommends the movie as the viewers can see themselves reflected in both the protagonists and the vicissitudes that one must face in entrepreneurial adventure. Watching this movie may be very useful for reflection and discussion of the reality of entrepreneurship in addition to helping give visibility and recognition to entrepreneurs of our country, true architects of wealth creation and jobs.

The producers of 02:59 Films premiered the first film, Abuelos, which tells the story of Isidro (Carlos Iglesias), a man of retirement age who decides to start his own business with his two best friends: setting up a kindergarten. 02:59 Films was founded in January 2010 with the mission of “Promote and transmit the human values of the company through creation of audiovisual content.” Since its founding in 2010 this company has become the first producer agency in Spain specializing in viral marketing, with a track record of more than 250 million organic reproductions in social networks, based primarily on the ability to thrill. 02:59 has made more than 260 productions in eight years of various lengths and for a wide range of customers. During the past two years, and due to the current state of the audiovisual industry, 02:59 Films has diversified its activity, developing and producing his first feature film: Abuelos, directed by Santiago Requejo, with Carlos Iglesias, Ramón Barea and Roberto Álvarez.

The movie “Abuelos” responds to a social reality that unfortunately takes place in many Spanish homes. While Abuelos is fiction, the producers wanted the movie to transcend reality and go beyond. Therefore, it is accompanied by the PRIZES + 50 ENTERPRISE, an ideas contest of entrepreneurship. The winner receives an economic endowment of 30,000 for the 3 best projects of people over 50, who will be chosen by a first level jury, among which: LEOPOLDO ABADÍA.  In order to find all these entrepreneurs, the producers shared a TOUR BY SPAIN, giving the opportunity for 319 Senior entrepreneurs, in 3 minutes,to tell their ideas of entrepreneurship in order to participate in the contest. The tour was also completed with a PRE-PREMIERE of the film in each city in allowing 200-300 people to have a great reception and creating great emotion in public.

Visit the link and check out the trailer! You will love it!   ABUELOS (2019) | TRÁILER OFICIAL [HD]