The time for the millennial generation!

Kamil Mroz is a globetrotter, inspirational speaker, vocational volunteer & young entrepreneur. But above all he is a millennial leader! And he has it really clear. During his keynote speech in the framework of the YouthProAktiv International ProAktivity Summit, Kamil convinced the audience about the fact that here and now is our moment. The time for the millennial generation!

“I believe the millennial generation is the best generation to become entrepreneurs. We live in diversity, ambiguity, complexity and interdependence. We work with project teams across the world. We work in a much globalised world.”

But why we are the best generation?

“Millennials are the masters of technology. We’re cautious of global risks like no one before, and still we seek change. We saw the butterfly effect caused by a few people triggering massive unemployment amongst young people, and still we want to become entrepreneurs. We search for change, we explore it. We are the generation that takes selfies everywhere, but also the one that takes volunteering work more seriously”

Not convinced yet? Follow here his full speech and take action!