What about live Crowdfunding?

MyMicroInvest is a platform that develops a funding model for selected projects, consisting of a combination of professional investment and crowdfunding. This gives participants the crucial chance of diversifying their investment portfolio. The platform operates in several countries: Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, France and the Netherlands.

The Live Crowdfunding event organized by MyMicroInvest is a unique investment where entrepreneurs meet their investors during a live pitching and investment session. The participants have 5 minutes to present their funding needs to an audience of investors.

And YES, INVESTMENTS from the crowd are made IN REAL TIME!

Investments can start as of 100 € directly on a Smartphone!

According to Jose Zurstrassen (Executive Director of MyMircoInvest), an investor possessing a total of 5000€ and looking to invest, would need to choose 15 companies at the very least in order to make your investment worthwhile and to minimise risks

Diversify your investments! Lower the risks!

Roald Sieberath (a start-up coach) challenges entrepreneurs to be bold and believe in their ideas. He explained that the current context in which start-ups find themselves is very different to the one that existed 20 years ago. Indeed, whilst big companies had the tendency to ‘brush away’ new ideas, they are today actively looking to invest in entrepreneurial projects, recognising the incredible opportunity start-ups present.

The opening pitch was presented by Michael from HELPIGO who is trying to connect, in real time, job seekers with employers in the restaurant sector. He guarantees a quick automated response in just three clicks. Benoit and Quentin from Seerus tried to convince us that many companies are wasting the good reviews on their customers. With their online platform they want to help companies stand out and get more visibility by creating online surveys designed specifically for the need of the business. Last but definitely not least, pitched Robin, Thomas and Maxime from Creo 2. With their smart devise they are trying to reinvent how local shops are doing business and help many charity organisations collect money for their causes. Of course they also give customers various options regarding which causes they would like to support.

Imagine Responsible Marketing!