You think you have nothing to say? Surprise yourself!

On Monday 27 June 2016, AISEC presented its YouthSpeak Forum. If you missed it, you missed a lot. The event gathered young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space for inspiring conversations about pressing global issues.

You think you have nothing to say? Surprise yourself!

We heard great motivational speeches from Sisko, president of AISEC, and Dumo, the youngest member of the AIESEC Team. John di Stefano, a start-up coach, and speaker for the YouthProAktiv International Proaktivity Summit 2016 inspired the audience with his idea of entrepreneurs being the change makers of our time. He emphasised how travelling and life-long learning are the strongest features of entrepreneurs:

If you look at one thing, and one thing only, you will never see anything else.

Cheryl Miller shared her feminist point of view on the importance of supporting more women entrepreneurs. She is one of the founders of Digital Leadership Institute where girls and women can be trained to gain experience and knowledge in strategic and innovative ESTEAM (entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) sectors.

During the workshops, we were actively engaged to work in groups and come up with an idea for a project which later on, if selected, would be realised and implemented by AIESEC. We had 45 minutes to create a whole new concept, and just 5 minutes to pitch it in front of the other participants and speakers. Then came the votes.

Three great projects, many new ideas and great energy from the people involved.

This is the time to be inspired!