Youth work as key enabler of self-employability

On the 20-24 of June, YouthProAktiv organised a training “Youth work as key enabler of self-employability” with a rich program: many energising ice-breakers and useful practical exercises along with debates on barrier to self-employability and how to tackle them.

In a nutshell, this project arises from the remaining effects of the COVID-19 sanitary and economic crisis, and how it was and is still affecting young people and their access to employment. Recognising that both creativity and culture creation are natural strong points of younger generations, YouthProAktiv has organised a call for a project that involved different stakeholders and sectors to create better inclusive training according to the new needed skills fostered by COVID-19 (especially creative and digital skills), as well as better employment and self-employment opportunities that would allow youngsters to get economically active.

Throughout the five-day training program, the participants addressed the variety of essential questions that youth workers usually face. How can we promote self-employability in our work with youngsters? How to effectively reach out the most disadvantaged groups? What is green entrepreneurship and why it is important? How can we help young people to overcome barriers?

On the second day, one of our special guest expert Lieselotte Vantomme that work as a coach for those students who want to start or already run a business while studying. She gave many insights that focus on various aspects of entrepreneurship, particularly on how to connect with potential partners and other entrepreneurs. During the interactive lecture of Lieselotte, our participants learnt how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, which involves developing qualities such as creativity, adaptability, resilience, and a willingness to take calculated risks.

On the third day, our special guest was Grazia Cannarsa from Eurodesk that provided our participants with valuable information regarding opportunities and programs available to them at both national, European and international levels promoting mobility, learning, and active citizenship. Moreover, YouthProAktiv arranged a test on emotional intelligence in order to empower self-esteem as enhancer of self-emplovability. The goal of this activity was to gain insights into the emotional strengths and areas for improvement of our participants.

On the forth day, Selin Tagmat from ‘All Digital’ that shed light on the importance of digital skills and competences in the modern world. By promoting digital skills, and active citizenship, we aim to create a more inclusive, informed, and participatory society in Europe. On our last day we visited the “Parlamentarium” to get to know more about the past, present and future of the European Union.

YouthProAktiv would like to express its deepest gratitude to the National Agency – Bureau International Jeunesse (BIJ) and our esteemed partner organisations – LDA Albania, Tavo Europa, KKS, AIDE, Daj Mi Ruku, Interkulturalis, Youth for Development Foundation – for their invaluable support and assistance.