YouthProAktiv held its General assembly at the European parliament on April 25th 2017, thanks to the warm welcome and crucial support of our host, MEP Luděk Niedermayer.

Among the participants to the event, EuroDemos (Itlay), DEIS (Romania), FBG (Hungary), Mlada Pozitiva (Croatia), UNSA, (Spain), YouthProAktiv (Spain), Europe Institute (Lithuania), Všį “Sveikatingumo idėjos” (Lithuania) and ADEL (Slovakia) share good practices while exposing concrete exemples of local initiatives of their organisation and exchanging on the main barriers to the development of entrepreneurship and proactivity among young people.

A debate between the participants was held on youth priorities for 2017-2018 and challenges were brough up by the different organization’s representatives. One of he main challenge that emergered concerned the openedness of Education systems to include Entrepreneurial learning programs.

The participants agreed that Educations systems needed to be modernized in order to have a better understanding of today’s youth needs and motivations. They expressed a common perception that there were not enough confidence in what youngster could achieve outside of the formal education programs.

Different solutions were brought up, including expanding the synergies between all the stakeholders (Policymakers, Civil society, private and public sectors), adding interactivity and digitalisation in education tools, and increasing the participation of experts and entrepreneurs to share their success and experience with young people.

Ms. Paloma Cantero, CEO of YouthProAktiv, also presented the objectives of the organisation for 2017 and 2018. « In two years, YouthProAktiv achievements were beyond expectations in becoming an important actor promoting proactivity and entrepreneurship for the youth. In 2017 and 2018, we will set new strategies with ambitious objectives to influence decision-making and concretely raise awareness on our mission.

YouthProAktiv is an international and expanding network of more than 22 organizations from more than 16 different countries. Our General Assemblies are designed to bring us all together in order to better discuss our youth priorities and strategies.