YouthProAktiv’s CEO nominated to Forbes 30 under 30 list

Paloma Cantero Gomez, CEO of YouthProAktiv has been nominated to figurate on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in Spain for most influential young leaders of that country. Following this nomination, Paloma participated in the Forbes Summit in Madrid that took place on 5th October 2017, as one of the key speakers of the event sharing her expertise on managing a European youth network.

During the event, Paloma participated in a roundtable panel discussion on the importance of corporate responsibility initiative undertaken by private companies for funding youth project, together with social entrepreneurs, social innovators, inventors.

During the discussion Paloma underlined that every entrepreneur starting their business should be aware about the added value that he or she will bring to their communities clients or society as a whole, by providing their services, introducing products or creating jobs for themselves and others. Such a change will require a paradaigm shift in the management of enterprises in every aspect of their production process.

Indeed, according to Paloma, corporate social responsability departments in major companies help to implement hundreds of projects changing milions of lives. However, this aim to improve the well-being of others should become a core part of the mission of every enterprise in all levels of their activities.

YouthProAktiv community welcomes the selection of Paloma Cantero Gomez to the list as a great recognition of our efforts over last 3 years to mainstream personal development trainings in curriculas at all education levels.