YouthProAktiv representatives are present at various Socio-Economic Commissions of the United Nations in order to promote proactivity and entrepreneurship as a means to bring people out of poverty. We believe that every person regarldess of her background or financial situation has a tremendous potential with original skills, talents and characteristics that allow her to contribute to the society.


We work on convincing every person about her worth and empower her with capabilities, in order to encourage social and economic growth of developing nations. We support ‘empowering development’ which puts the person at the center as a solution to all problems of the world. We believe that people living in developing nations have all capabilities to bring their areas out of poverty.


Therefore, we advocate to use development aid funds in order to meet most basic needs like access to water, sanitation and nutrition. We also advocate for a person-centered approach to education which would allow people to discover their potential in order to bring themselves out of poverty and social exclusion.