Successful closure of the Small Cooperation Partnership “Empowering NEETs across Europe” + NON-FORMAL TOOLKIT

From YouthProAktiv and YPA Spain, we are happy to announce that at the end of March 2024, the Small Cooperation Partnership “Empowering NEETs across Europe: A peer learning approach” was successfully completed! In parallel, we are very proud to share with you the NON-FORMAL TOOLKIT for Youth Workers on How to Digitally, Economically, Socially, and Democratically Empower NEETs.

This EU project, which started in January 2023, had the main objective to prepare youth workers & increase their knowledge and capacity to empower NEETs in their countries (Belgium, Spain, Greece, and Slovenia being the main partner countries). Concretely, the project aimed to provide:

1. Tools, networks & resources to the NEETs so that they have the digital skills to gain employment & navigate the digital
2. Financial literacy & economic empowerment to the NEETs so that they are part of the job market & make contributions
towards economic development
3. Enable the social inclusion of NEETs to counter negative social behaviors from lack of a good support system
4. Ensure the democratic engagement of the NEETs in EU governance issues.

Therefore, the project counted 3 mobility trainings (one in Spain, one in Slovenia, and the third and last in Greece). In Spain we focused on digital empowerment, and we analyzed the situation in all our national countries and which alternatives could be raised as solutions to motivate youth to be digitally activated in a healthy way. The second training took place in Slovenia, where we focused on economic, social, and democratic empowerment, and we developed the non-formal activities to be included in a non-formal toolkit for youth workers. Finally, at the last training in Athens, Greece, we put into practice the non-formal activities that were developed in Slovenia and gathered the feedback of the participants. It was truly inspiring to see all the processes and how all the efforts throughout the project were interconnected with each activity included in it.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the individuals and organizations who contributed to the success of the “Empowering NEETs across Europe: A peer learning approach” project. This journey has been one of collaboration, dedication, and passion for making a difference in the lives of NEETs across our partner countries.

We are immensely thankful to the European Union for their support and funding, which made this project possible. Furthermore, we express our gratitude to the local communities in Belgium, Spain, Greece, and Slovenia for welcoming us and providing invaluable insights throughout the project.

As we celebrate the successful completion of this project, we recognize that our work is far from over. We hope that the NON-FORMAL TOOLKIT for Youth Workers will continue to serve as a resource for empowering NEETs and fostering their digital, economic, social, and democratic inclusion.