DOIT MEMORANDUM OF SUPPORT-Encourage Young Learners to Become Creative Social Innovators

As of today, Europe needs more young people with an entrepreneurial mindset and skills able to turn creative ideas into innovations that make our society more livable and sustainable. European policy-makers are becoming increasingly interested in entrepreneurship and maker education. Indeed, nourishing entrepreneurial young people has been on the agenda of educational policy-makers and institutions in the European Union for many years. Nevertheless, the introduction of entrepreneurship in traditional curricula and forms of teaching and learning has not generated convincing and effective results.

What is needed is a more engaging and practice-based approach that provides children and young learners with a collaborative space for making, learning and exploring! Around Europe, projects providing programs and materials for social innovation and entrepreneurial learning in makerspaces have proved to be successful in developing competences relevant for a social innovator. Indeed, children involved have shown increased creativity, self-efficacy and entrepreneurial intentions.

We suggest setting up more makerspaces in schools and other educational environments! We suggest a social innovation experience for every young learner between 6 and 16 years of age with open learning material!

Help us boost practice-based, engaging and meaningful learning for children and young learners! Sign our petition to show that you wish more children around Europe to experience being a creative young social innovator!