Erasmus+ & Innovative Methodologies for the Empowerment of Youth Work

On the week from 11.11.2019 till 15.11.2019 YouthProAktiv organized a mobility training in Brussel on the topic of “Erasmus+ & Innovative Methodologies for the Empowerment of Youth Work”.

The two main general aims of this training for youth workers were to increase their specific knowledge of the Erasmus+ program, actions, and tools in order to ensure a professionalization of youth work and youth work impact within society and also to increase their specific practical knowledge on new innovative methodologies to be used in the area of non-formal education with a special focus on empowering and developing the skills and engagement of most disadvantaged youth.

We welcomed the participation of 33 youth workers from 9 EU countries, experts, trainers and facilitators. During day 1, Gianluca Coppola, President at European Digital Learning Network, helped us to discover the Erasmus+ guide and its different actions, goals, and priorities from the eyes of an expert evaluator. Our life coach, Tomas Juskiv helped us gain awareness on the profiles and the personality types of different disadvantaged youth groups we work with, finishing with a self-reflection evaluation to deepen the first day’s learning outcomes.

On the second day of our Erasmus+ & Innovative Methodologies Training, the representatives of our national partners (Champions Factory, JÉG – Jövőt Építők Generációja , PlanBe, Plan it Be it , UNSA SPAIN , Youthfully Yours SK , YUVA , bambiniinemergenza , Ianua Australis , Fundacja reGeneracja , Futurum – Poland , Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Huty Komorowskiej, Active Youth Projects , LASS Blind org) presented their organizations and shared their experiences, activities and challenges as well as best practices regarding integration of EU core values in non-formal education activities.

Especially interesting inputs were brought by Ms. Emilia Albán & Ms. Bhavisha Mahtani from La Maison de l’Amérique Latine Organization; PlanBe, Plan It Be It Organization & Mr. Algridas Bernatavicius from LASS Blind Organization about best practices regarding the inclusion of disadvantaged youth groups. Mr. Andrew Todd (Lifelong Learning Platform) enlightened us with the insights of the ErasmusX10 campaign and the Multi-annual Financial Framework for the Erasmus Programme 2021-2027. Mr. Daniel Wisniewski (YouthProAktiv) practically drove us through the different steps that need to be taken before applying for EU funds as well as the whole project’s life-cycle.

During day 3, participants Botond Madaras (Hungary), Ivan Esposito (Italy) and Anna Luczak (Poland) presented the 3 Erasmus+ project ideas that we will be developing for a KA1 mobility project: Big Leaders, For Social Media out of Sadness and Chefs with Bigger Chances.

The CEO of YouthProAktiv Mrs. Paloma Cantero Gómez, facilitated a practical workshop with the best tips to create strong and complementary consortiums for our mobility projects while stressing the crucial points and important steps in order to successfully start arming a KA1 project.  Mr. Yunus Denizli (Youth in Action & European Solidarity Corps Staff Member from JINT vzw ) presented the Erasmus + instruments/certificates for recognition of learning outcomes. He introduced Youthpass and the possibilities that this certificate offers for non-formal education activities validation. The day finished with a visit to the Parlamentarium & to the House of European History.

On day 4, the CEO of YouthProAktiv Mrs. Paloma Cantero Gómez, continued the practical workshop and the exercises on “Marketplace of Strengths and Ideas (KA1)” followed by the exercise “Lets Design a Project Proposal (KA1)” She drove us through the most important points of application. Mr. Daniel Wisniewski (President of YouthProAktiv) showed us the steps of applying for an Erasmus+ project (KA1).

The last day of our training ‘Erasmus+ & Innovative Methodologies for the Empowerment of Youth Work’ started with Personal Development Plan & Organizational Plan presented by Tomáš Juskiv (Business & Life Coach). Participants worked in several groups to complete the Action Plan Template Sheet and set “SMART” goals. This training was closed with the Evaluation Session and the Ceremony of YouthPass .This learning experience created an impressive atmosphere and connected participants from 9 different countries.