New Quality Label for the new European Solidarity Corps (2021 -2027)

Last October 29th YouthProAktiv took part on a virtual presentation organized by JINT regarding the new quality label for the European Solidarity Corps program. The event’s aim was to set the guidelines for participating in the renewed version of the European Solidarity Corps program.

European Solidarity Corps started in 2018 after dividing itself from Erasmus+. This first program held the Quality label ESC52 and consisted in short and long term volunteering teams. From 2021, the program is changing its Quality label to ESC50 but keeping the same name in its English version. One of the new distinctions is that partners can be active by taking part in projects as host or supporting organizations or they can also be applicants who apply themselves for funding and are responsible for a project.

In the case of the quality label for partners, organizations will need to explain and describe the goals and role in their project. Organizations will be able to participate in projects submitted by other organizations.

When it comes to applicants, in addition to the quality label for partners, it will be necessary to inform the program about the organization’s long time vision and strategy (multiannual activity plan) and the organizational and financial capacity will also be a selection criterion.

Once your application is processed, the supervisors will decide on the amount of the grant depending on the quality and conditions of your application. The budgets will be similar to the ones existing now and there is the possibility that you get a grant for just one activity or more (until a fixed maximum).

In order to monitor the quality of the organizations’ programs there will be a more in-detailed assessment than in the current program including interim and final reports, monitoring visits, trainings, networking sessions, technical support and a contact person from the National Agency in order to maintain a fluent contact.

In order to apply for new funding, organizations will need to hold the new Quality label for applicants at the deadline. If wanting to join a project as a partner organization (after 31/12/2021) it will be necessary to hold the new Quality label for applicants at the start of the activity. There will be a new application form online very soon for ESC50 (although the exact date is not confirmed yet). So make sure you keep an eye on it and don’t skip the deadlines. We also recommend you to contact your National Agency for more detailed information regarding the actions you need to take according to your specific situation and future plans. And very good luck!

By Maria Lopez