“Self-Awareness and Communication for Positive Leadership”

a pilot training on “Self Awareness and Communication for Positive Leadership,” led by Tomas Juskiv.

The 1st day of the training was dedicated to self-awareness where participants deepened their awareness in discovering their five main personality factors. They also discovered and experienced their own personal style via DISC test and interactive activities.

The 2nd day focused on emotional intelligence which was about (emotional awareness- understanding emotions, emotional regulation-controlling emotions, social awareness – recognizing and understanding emotions within others, and relationship management – how to build a long-lasting relationship with others).

The training was finished with an effective communication process based on personality styles. Participants experienced how to recognize the personality styles of others and how to be flexible in communication process therefore being able to effectively communicate with individuals or groups comprised of different personality styles.

The purpose of the training is that through self-awareness and understanding others you can effectively communicate and become a role model who can be easily followed by others, you naturally become a positive leader because you will understand yourself, your strengths, weakness, motivators, fear producers, and emotions, but also you will be able to recognize that features within others  so you can effectively communicate with them, you can easily reach their needs, see their potential, their strengths, motivate them and push them forward to excel and be as awesome as the whole YouthProAktiv Team!