STEP UP YOUR FUTURE! The 2025 commitments by All4YOUth

There is still hope for young generations and although the future might look foggy and uncertain we need to be confident about new opportunities. This is the main message launched by the Alliance for YOUTth on their Facebook live event last October 27th. Organized by Alliance for YOUth, a business-driven movement created by Nestlé in 2014 to help prepare young people to enter the professional world, the event counted with the participation of some key actors from the European Parliament and also representatives of companies which are taking a sustainable and digitalized approach with regard to the future.

Starting with Nicholas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights in the European Parliament, he declared that the need of confidence in young people is key. Schmit exposed the challenges for the upcoming generations due to the uncertainty of the future and stated that we need to move into a more sustainable economy and that young people need to acquire the necessary technological skills to manage the digital transformation that we are living. He also declared that the EU has taken action by proposing the Youth Employment Support Package and by investing in providing skills for young people.

We are living an unprecedented situation for which consequences are being huge. One of this consequence is the rising unemployment, especially for young people, explained Marco Settembri, Nestlé CEO. Young generations need to take a step not to let that happen and shape the future into a greener planet, as new generations are the best prepared to do so. Settembri adviced young generations to “to open up, be as a sponge and work together with other generations to shape the future in a better way” reminding youngster that “they are not alone”.

Later on, Brando Benifei, Member of the European Parliament, commented on the need to take resilience as a reality in order to avoid creating a world where young people are exploited and treated as endlessly available. He also thinks that young people should focus on acquiring digital skills and green skills which must be offered by the EU but also from the business sectors. According to Benifei, soft skills (ethical values, taking care of the environment, etc.) can provide a proactive attitude which can helps us learn how to deal with problems.

Entrepreneurial skills are key in this new approach where Martina Dlabayobá, member of the European Parliament, has put her focus on explaining that, we are not always born to be an entrepreneur but we learn to be one. Entrepreneurial skills can help us learn how to deal with challenges, take risks and follow our dreams, reminded Dlabayobá.

As a way to keep seeking opportunities in these troubled times, Eva Maydell, from the European Parliament, strongly recommends youngsters to make use of their social media not only with an entertainment goal but also with the purpose of looking for jobs and internships. For example, the European Commission’s Facebook and Twitter accounts posts plenty of information about programs and opportunities for young people. Finally, she stressed on the need to create an EU Digital Educational Hub for better prepare new generations.

“We are at the moment where we have to reflect on how we reconstruct our economy and the role of companies in this new economy. We are rediscovering that a company is more than just a machine for short term profit. Responsibility towards the young generations and towards communities is more valuable than ever”, concluded Nicholas Schmit.

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By Maria Lopez