“What do science teachers find most satisfying about their work”

YouthProAktiv attended last February 7th a webinar hold by Andreas Schleicher,  Division Head and coordinator of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the OECD Indicators of Education Systems programme (INES). The aim of the webinar was to find a solution for the satisfaction of science teachers by presenting statistical data made by the author within the frameworks of  OECD research mechanism.

Mr. Andreas Schleicher started his presentation with the results of the teacher survey that was held in 2015 by PISA. Over half million students participated in this PISA assessment, representing 28 million 15-years-old in 72 countries/economies. OECD was represented by 9 countries in the survey. In total 32.017 science teachers were surveyed, while non-science teachers were 62.765.

In order to explain the results conveniently, the author evaluated teacher satisfaction in two different frameworks: satisfaction with the teaching profession and satisfaction with the current job as a teacher. Later on, countries were divided into groups where teachers were satisfied according to their teaching profession and the job as a teacher. Results showed how in countries such as Dominican Republic or Colombia, teachers are more satisfied with their job as a teacher and their teaching profession, while in countries such as Italy, Czech Republic or Brazil, teachers are satisfied neither with their teaching profession, nor with their current job as a teacher.

Great importance was also given to different interesting factors that were not associated with teacher satisfaction reviling that:

  • Large proportions of immigrant students in the school (more than 30%) does not affect the teachers’ performance.
  • Large proportions of students who do not speak the language of the host country (more than 30%) do neither affect the performance of the teachers.

As the most defining factor, the survey shows how most satisfied teachers are those ones who were personally motivated to become teachers, showing thus how motivation is a crucial element for successfully choosing a concrete career path.