Hungary is ready for YouthProAktiv: Multi-Casting – Take the Role of Action!

As the newest born national organisation inside the international umbrella of YouthProAktiv, the Hungarian Chapter is taking its first steps for becoming a strong representative of the YPA community’s main goals and community around the world. Self-Starter Youth Association aims to contribute mainly to the initiation of a happy and fullfilling life of the youth through the means of non-formal education.

And we are happy to announce that we are taking our first big steps!

Supported by Egyesek Youth Association that has indirectly reached thirty-thousand youth in the past fifteen years, Self-Starter Youth Association has initiated a youth exchange program – Multi-Casting – Take the Role of Action! – in order to imporve participants’ personality, self-esteem, interpersonal skills and social sensitivity by individual and team work alike. The eleven days long youth exchange would include all together six nations (Czech Republic, Portugal, Estonia, Turkey, Slovenia and Hungary) with the total number of forty participants. The project will take place on 20-30th April 2016 in Hollókő, Hungary.

Let me present you the plans for these ProAktiv days in Hungary!

Multi-Casting – Take the Role of Action!

The title stands for deepening and altering the participants’ perception on their private and professional roles of everyday life. The project is willing to broaden the mindset of the youth in connection with their characters, roles, tasks, responsibilities and possibilities through drama, situational games, theatre, sports, creative writing, community work and regular public sharing activities. Participants are lead through different kind of casting events so they can have an overall idea on the relativity and variability of their roles compared to the ones they generally take up and the characters of others. Practically they are faced with and have to take occasional roles and roles they get from their mates based on certain criteria before they opt for a role they find most suitable for themselves.

The project aims to foster the following associations regarding the participants’ roles in life: decision, change, creativity, dynamics, responsibility, joy, individual-, social- and environmental sustainability, experience, mistakes as positive factors and the importance of relations and reflexions.

The end product of the youth exchange is a theatre play performed by the participants together with the dancers of a local talent group, Nógrád Dance Company.

The profiles of the the cooperating international partners (that some of you may know well already) and the Hungarian organizations are to prove that they can contribute to reaching a high standard in the set goals. Namely that participants’ skills and competences are improving, their mindset is changing and the group ends up with an entertaining, high quality theatre play. The Portugal Aventura Marão Clube has significant experience in using drama, dance and theatre as means for inclusion of the youth. Having a strong professional background in training the youth, the Slovenian Entrepreneurship Movement Club can also contribute to the present project. The Czech European Youth Centre Břeclav z.s. has realised several personalitiy development trainings in rural areas that serves as great example for the Hungarian team. The Turkish Euromedist and the Estonian Estyes both work a lot on fostering multicultural values and tolerance that are focal points in this project too.

As for the trainers, organizers and cooperating local communities the youth exchange also has a strong base. A Basic Synergy junior trainer is responsible for facilitating individual and team work. An improvisation workshop will be held by a member of Hungary’s most prominent improvisation theatre company, Momentan. Among the collaborating local communities (eg.: a local farm) Nógrád Dance Company represents an outstanding value for the project. Their art director and the dancers take part actively in the program.

As for the direct and indirect results of the exchange, we expect the youth to make better decisions in the future, that influence their career choosing. Participants’ proactivity, entrepreneurship skills, social responsibility and an open and tolerant attitude is also strongly promoted by the project. Besides improving individual competencies, the youth become aware of diverse situations, problems, strengths and weaknesses that are being present in the international group, so they can grow to be more informed Europen Citizens.

Are you ready?

By Viktória Vígh, Co-founder of Self-Starter Youth Association